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The Unknown

I was very distracted while trying to pray one morning in May. I opened a blank page on my computer and this piece was in front of me within a few minutes.

It summed up exactly what I was thinking and feeling at that time.

I was living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, close to completing a year working as a student missionary [with University Christian Outreach (UCO)]. Although I was going to be moving back home to Dublin, Ireland, I knew that a path of change and uncertainty lay ahead of me.

There was so much I did not know and could not control amid the internal and external chaos. I needed to remind myself of God - above all a loving Father, steadfast and unwavering regardless of earthly circumstances, and the promise of eternal life.

Look at your life through heaven's eyes!

The Unknown

I cautiously step towards the unknown

yet hold fast to what I know

My heart flutters, uncertain, unsteady

Yet I hear a voice commanding my soul to cling to the truth

I do not know what lies ahead

When I will next cry with laughter or wrestle with tears of pain

Yet the undercurrent of my life is unchanged

Remain steadfast dear child

Remain in my love

The horizon of my tomorrow is hazy yet my eternity is certain

Today, blessings and curses come in the one package

Yet when the day of restoration comes I will have no questions

There is one hope

one truth

one faith

One God who desires to be fully known and made known

And He calls me His daughter

That I know


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