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Kairos Mission Trips release...

Kairos exists to spread the gospel and disciple young people. A key charism our network shares in common across different countries and groups is the desire to spread the gospel. We help students and young people to reach out to others with the gospel and to bring the life of Christ to others. A key part of our work of discipleship takes place in that process: we see our students and young people transformed through sharing the greatest gift they have received – through telling others of the life-changing power of the gospel. Whether preaching in the maize-fields of Kenya, running sports camps in India, helping at youth camps in Derry-Londonderry or acting on the streets of Glasgow there are common denominators to all Kairos Mission Trips.


Kairos Mission Trips aim to do three basic things:


  1. Help young people grow as disciples, through serving the church and the world

  2. Advance the mission of the Sword of the Spirit: mobilising and releasing students and young people into mission situations

  3. Develop and create international relationships through our network of UCOs and young adults in and across Europe and the World.


Here you will find some of the stories of the young people who have undertaken short-term mission trips through Kairos and their experiences as God used them to build his church throughout the world. Our hope and prayer is that through serving practically on our humanitarian mission trips, sharing personally on our youth oriented trips or sharing the gospel directly on all our mission trips students and young people experience the power of Christ in their own lives and share in the joy of relationship with brothers and sisters throughout the world. 

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