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Kairos Weekend Envisions...

Kairos challenges students and young people to lead radical lives for God.  Our winter conference draws together our core leaders throughout the region as well as new Christians eager to discover more about their faith.  In February we gather between 120-50 young people for a weekend focused on worship and conversion.


Kairos Weekend stirs hope in young people as they see and recognise the action of the Holy Spirit at work across the continent. Dynamic and engaging communicators present the gospel message and encourage young people to hear the call of God on their lives and to offer themselves to him for his purpose.


Talks, workshops, games, testimonies and social interaction combine across a myriad of languages, Christian traditions, universities, cities and cultures to create a high energy weekend. Awakened courage and confidence to live the Christian life in all its fullness amid the world’s challenges arises in many of the students as they pray and learn with one another throughout the weekend. Each year the Kairos Weekend moves to a new location in Europe allowing students to experience a local expression of Christian life as well as a new country, language, city and community.      

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