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The Exodus List: 6. Mary, Dublin

When I first started a full time corporate job I felt extremely alone and overwhelmed. I was paralysed by fear, afraid of making a mistake and being fired. (A bit of a dramatic and horrendously perfectionistic reaction I must admit!)

I was so exhausted come the weekend that I would regularly sleep until mid-afternoon on a Saturday from the sheer mental exhaustion. This was the (physical) consequence of relying entirely on my own strength. Although I was attempting to trust in God I had to learn how to do this in a completely new environment.

During this time God spoke to me mainly through good friends. I think God speaks powerfully through the people around us in times when we feel as though we are alone and in a ‘desert’. These friends encouraged me to enjoy life, continue seeking after God, and remain faithful to Him.

At the time I probably took these friendships and moments of encouragement for granted, however with the gift of hindsight God’s guiding presence was definitely with me throughout that season and I am extremely grateful for those friends (you know who you are!).

One song that always lifts my head and my heart? It’s time for some old school Taylor – Love Story <3


"A pic of a millennial pre-work coffee run, odd socks included free of charge!"


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