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The Exodus List: 10. Becky, Leuven

Lost and Found

There was a time several years ago, when some bad decisions led me to feel distant from God. One bad choice led to another and I got a little more lost with each. How could I know the Lord and still make such bad choices? I was new in my walk with the Lord and expected to never falter. I had failed my Lord and in my shame, isolation and confusion, I could not find Him.

So I went away to a retreat centre and spent a few days in silence. During my time there, He found me and told me that nothing could ever come between us, nothing could separate Him from me.

Over the years, through events in my life and words spoken to my heart, He has been healing me of the brokenness that led to those bad choices.

These days, the song that lifts my spirits is "Oceans (where feet may fail)".



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