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Dream A Little Dream

While listening to an episode of the Abiding Together podcast, one of the hosts of the show Michelle Benzinger shared something that really struck and has stayed with me. During a conversation with her husband, he asked her what dreams she had in her heart as they began the year. And at that moment she realised she had none, it’s been a while since she dreamed, she said. And I realised how real that was for me too.

I love dreaming and envisioning things - both big and beautiful, sweet and small. But through all the happenings of the year gone by, I think my heart and my mind settled on being content with all that I already had going for me. I didn’t feel the need or dare to dream beyond the blessings I’d already been given.

But we made it through to this year and it ignites a hope within me to refuel my dream engine. And while I pray to the Holy Spirit to rev it up, here are a few pointers I want to encourage you with as well as I set out onto this journey of dreaming with God.

More of Him, less of me

My dreams and desires usually centre around what I would want my life to look like. But this year, I’m changing the beat and asking God to reveal to me what He intended for my life to look like. I’m learning to make room for God to work instead of charging ahead with my plans and asking Him to ride along. I know that God doesn’t dismiss my desires or think less of them. When I carry them to Him, He can mould them into something far bigger and better than I could ever imagine or expect.

God-sized dreams

When I dream in my own capacity, I find that I’m soon flooded with lies spurred by the Evil One. They sound like, “I’m not good enough or qualified enough. These dreams are too big to come to fruition…” But I’m learning that when I dream with God, when I sit still with Him, then I allow His voice of truth to overpowers all else. I’m reminded (and humbled) that I can’t do much in my own strength and I need to rely on God to show up for me. The size of our dreams don’t matter, I’m certain that God has a way of making big things happen through anything when it’s surrendered to Him. And He wants the big, beautiful stuff to happen for you and me just as much as He wants us to delight in the little miracles.

Share your dream

I remember a career dream that I held in my heart for so long and didn’t know where to go with it. I prayed about it and did everything I could in my capacity to take it forward to the next step. But for months I saw nothing happen. I was almost tempted to give up on my dream, assuming it wasn’t God’s will for me at this point in time. During a conversation with my lovely pastoral leader (a spiritual mentor connected through a common Christian lifestyle), I felt led to share it with her, and to my surprise, she knew someone who could help me further my dream. Although it’s still a dream in the making, I recognised how God showed up for me as soon as I allowed someone else into the dream with me.

I look for Him in all the ways I know how to look, but He is the Way and He shows up for me in ways I cannot begin to understand.

I sense the sowing of a good desire in my heart, but I know I can’t nurture it on my own. So I turn towards the Sower for spiritual nourishment, necessary pruning and timely fruitfulness.

I want certainty and control, but all He wants is for me to be certain of Him and to cease control and give into not knowing everything right now because the One who knows it all has it all under control.

So while I pray and make space for God to birth a new dream in me, I pray that you too may dare to nurture a dream and watch it grow into something beautiful in the hands of our Maker.


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