• Holly L, Susan B, Paul C, Nikolaj K, Lourdes C

The Dalej Impact - Reflections by Kairos Young People

Holly Leung, Koinonia, London

What impacted me most during Dalej was the sense of community. It felt like a global village, with brothers and sisters from all around the world chatting, laughing, living and praying together. I tasted a bit of what heaven would be like, with all nations and peoples praising God and living in harmony together. It really reminded me of the scripture that says “How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

It was a powerful picture to me of the body of Christ. We are all so diverse and unique, with our own God-given talents, cultures and experiences. Each one of us is important in the body of Christ to do His work. It was very humbling for me to see my brothers and sisters doing things that I cannot do personally, and I delighted in seeing how I fit into the wider body when I contributed my little bit, even if it felt insignificant.

It struck me how quickly I felt at home at Dalej. Though I have never met most of these people, the Spirit of God truly united us. Yes, there were cultural and linguistic barriers, but the love of God really bridged those differences. My biggest revelation at Dalej is that His blood has bought our unity. We are family because Jesus’s blood run through our veins.

Susan Bradford, UCO Glasgow, Glasgow

The theme of Dalej was ‘Rise up and Build’- a call to look beyond ourselves, to see a need and be willing to respond, stepping beyond our comfort zones.

I experienced this with immediate effect through my role as a household leader. Having gained so much from small groups at Kairos events in the past and having heard God very clearly during Prep7, I knew what I wanted for those within my household and immediately put pressure on myself to deliver it. God taught me a good lesson that week: it wasn’t down to me. Yes, I had to be a good leader, but to create such an environment God needed to do it. I needed to be listening to and guided by Him. My attention had to shift from what I could try and do, to what He was asking me to do, what He could do if I were willing to respond. And of course the minute I took a step back and let God go first, listened to Him and went beyond my comfort zones, God acted.