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Dalej Quotes - Participants from around the World

> Dominic – Stilco, Vienna, Austria

“My one great experience was praying with people at the prayer meeting and realising that God wants me to plant a cross on the mountain of my life, that the whole mountain would be given to him; not just in my plans or decisions, but also in transforming my everyday life – my habits, the way I deal with people, and that this will make a huge difference in my life.”

> Paul Hunter – UCO Belfast

"One aspect of the Dalej conference that particularly struck me was the use of Nehemiah and the walls of Jerusalem as an impetus to consider both my own place in defending the walls, and more simply what exactly I am supposed to be defending. Actively building this wall with my brothers and sisters either side of me is an active response to the call to discipleship God has for all of us."

> Michael Potter – Koinonia

“Dalej was a powerful event where I saw an army being prepared for battle. I saw myself and other young people from around the world being envisioned for the mission and inspired to go out and do it.”

> Noel Campos, Philippines

“A particular quality that struck me immensely, was the quality of worship we had all throughout the 2 weeks at Dalej. There was a very real sense of witnessing something special occurring in our midst. The occasion for unity was very much felt and the love for Christ, which makes us family despite distances, was on full display. There were constant moments that were contagious. It was palpable. It was real. It was electric.”

> Karl Ghosn, Lebanon

“As a household leader, I was afraid that I didn’t deserve being a household leader and caring for my discussion group. I also thought that I didn’t have the experience to fulfill this service. All of that was true! I didn’t have the experience to do it. But the Lord reminded me that it is not me who’s going to do the work but Him. It is not by our power that we lead or fight, but God who works through us.”

> Katarzyna Woszczenko, UCO Krakow

“It was the unity: I am so glad to know such a big number of people from all over the world whom I couldn’t have met from another place, especially those from the Philippines, and I am so surprised that everyone here has a similar attitude to praying and way of life.”

> Joanna Whittam, Community of Nazareth, Dublin

“Thinking about how a city consists not only of walls but of people, so we need people to populate the city. The city of God is his people. This year I’m serving with UCO in Dublin on the evangelism team. [The Dalej sessions] reminded me of the importance of our call to be fishers of men, not solely builders of walls, so they’ve confirmed that calling to serve with UCO and empowered me for that.”

> Cathy Holmes, Glasgow, Scotland

“Our generation lacks an appreciation for process and experience, preferring instead instant results whether they be negative or positive. If we are to be in battle, we must be prepared to march for a long time, to battle with no end in sight and to trust the Lord with everything from the shoes on our feet to the tips of our swords. After Dalej, I feel equipped to not only trust the Lord in my big decisions but to fight for Him joyfully and with courage every day knowing that He has a much greater plan in store.”

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