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Dalej! May 2016 Update - Tadhg Lynch

Kairos Conference update – May 2016

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been upon me for good, and also of the words which the king had spoken to me. And they said, "Let us rise up and build." So they strengthened their hands for the good work.” Neh 2:18

The past 3 months have been busy for the DALEJ team and for people from all over the world. As deadline days approached, students and young people from all over the world were rushing to their computers to sign-up ontime and make sure that they had a space at the Ecumenical Conference hosted by Kairos Europe and the Middle East in Kiczyce, Poland. Following a long run up we’re sorry to say that our Conference venue is now maxed out – and we are unable to take any more participants. This is a sign of great

blessing from the Lord for us – to be able to host participants, pilgrims and student leaders from around the world, as well as many Polish volunteers and assistants will bring our numbers to well over 500 throughout the week.

As our team works and prepares with all of our European and Middle Eastern brothers and sisters whom we share life with in this region, we are also blessed to have many delegates coming from Latin America, the Philippines, Asia and North America. The words of the people of Israel in response to Nehemiah in the second chapter of the book we will study throughout the Conference were – “let us arise and build” – as our participants prepare to gather in Poland to build a life of worship, teaching, fellowship and training for mission in Sword of the Spirit may I ask for your prayers for us in three areas:

  1. For the DALEJ team, and for the community in Poland – Miasto na Górze

  2. For the travel, logistics and practical details of this large Conference – that all would run smoothly

  3. For the Lord to be preparing the hearts of all who are coming – that he would speak his word in power and prepare a generation for mission

Please pray for us – we count

on it!

The DALEJ Conference is hosted and organised by City on a Hill Community (Katolickie Towarzystwo Kulturalne) on behalf of Kairos-EME.

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