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What is vision? How do you grasp it? How do you establish it? How do you impart it? These are key questions an outreach leader must be able to answer. SWOT 1 will help you, within your role, to answer these. Why should we have leaders? What leadership styles can be helpful? How do you foster change and lead effectively as a man or a woman? We'll answer these together to help us lead better! We’ll also look at how we can build a positive environment that helps young people to grow in attitude and effectiveness.


The Character sessions in SWOT 1 will cover the nature of character, and why we must grow in it and foster it in others. We'll also tackle the virtue of courage, its opposites, and its role in strengthening our mission.


The Charism track will focus on what God gives us to accomplish his mission within Kairos. Finally, in our Equipping sessions, we’ll look at how God makes each of us ready for his service.

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