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SWOT 2 is all about Teamwork. Almost every aspect of mission work requires working with others. It’s a key area to grow in and improve on.


We’ll begin by looking at what a team actually is. Why do we need teams? What are the different stages of a team’s development? How does a team make decisions and build consensus? Then we’ll look at the people within a team, how different personalities complement and frustrate one another, how individuals can learn to use one another’s strengths and how the team can effectively handle conflict. We’ll conclude the competency track by looking at delegation, how to effectively delegate and manage those that you have delegated to.


The key underlying virtue of good teams is Servanthood. We’ll explore this virtue and examine how we need to implement it in our lives and how to help others implement it in theirs.


We’ll look at what God gives us so we can be better teams. In particular we’ll look at Spiritual Gifts. We’ll look at what gifts God gives us, how we identify those gifts and how we can help others grow in receiving and using those gifts.

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