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SWOT 3 is all about Strategy. Because it’s a local SWOT, it will just be your team and 2 Kairos trainers for a whole weekend. You will receive the training, but you will also receive coaching and application discussions that are specific to your location. You’ll be able to talk through many of your key challenges.


The competencies focus on three areas. They firstly look at how you can strategically help individuals; secondly, how you can help one another; and thirdly, how you can help the outreach as a whole.


As we look to help individuals, we understand that our whole call and mission begins with people personally encountering God and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. This SWOT will spend a significant time looking at how we can help people become baptised in the Holy Spirit. From that, we will discuss key life transitions–how we can help people through them, and use them for discipleship decisions.


As we look to help one another, we’ll examine how we can work better across genders, using a variety of thinking skills and improving our personal and time management. The final competency will be the strategic elements of an outreach and how to plan an outreach year.


As you plan and implement a strategy, the underlying character traits that you want to develop are founded on diligence and discipline.


God’s gifts to us that affect how we plan and strategize come from how he has made us over the years. We’ll look at our history and the call that God has given us. We’ll also spend some time looking at the call to be ecumenical–to support and foster Church unity.

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