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A Field on Fire

A Spiritual Sense

Some months ago someone shared with me a sense they had for our work - it was a picture of a field burning. 

At first glance this is of course a picture of destruction and whilst the fire does indeed consume and destroy, what is mainly going on in such a deliberate act of farming is rather a fertilisation of the soil in preparation for the crop to come. There is real loss, but it speaks more of life than it does of death.

My interpretation was indeed that the Lord wanted to remind us of the simple spiritual truth that, despite the limiting effect that the pandemic is having on our usual activities, he continues to be at work preparing the soil of our hearts. 

And so in response, we do not hold back with our Kairos work but press in with faith. Of course we have had to adapt!


A Digital Year: From Kairos Weekend to Kairos Weekend

The magic of Kairos has always been the bringing together of students and youth from different communities and outreaches. That gathering moment always seemed to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in peoples’ lives. 

The last time we were able to gather in that way was at our Kairos Weekend in Vienna. As always, it was a significant weekend of encountering the Lord for many individuals and we were blessed to be hosted so well by our brothers and sisters in Vienna! We continue to thank God for that AND we are hoping and praying and planning for the Kairos Weekend 2021 as a ‘physical' event. Our conviction is to plan for it as such and adjust as necessary as we go. Please pray with us for that.

Spring time 2020 saw us cancel a whole set of training seminars, travel and meetings. We furloughed some staff and came back with ideas and energy for a Digital Summer. Soul Food Summer was a joyful time of fellowship and unity! Our 24/7 Global Prayer Event was a real blessing, as we were able to unite with our brothers and sisters in Kairos across the world in a dedicated day of prayer! See for yourself what went on...


A Look Ahead

YES: In a matter of days, the YES Retreat is going online! It is working under a hybrid model. We have a great team of volunteers working on this and a broader reach of young people than we would have normally with a physical event.

SWOT: Mid November we will have a Men’s Student Worker Retreat and a Women’s Student Worker Retreat.

KW21: And as already mentioned - looking into the future, hoping we can make it happen the Kairos Weekend 2021.


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