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SWOT Local: Understanding our Mission

A few weeks ago, we had our SWOT Local in Koinonia about Strategy. It was a great opportunity for us as an outreach to reflect on signs of hope that keep us going in our mission, but also time set goals, make our goals specific as possible, and find practical ways to get to it. It was a reminder that Koinonia's needs are not the same as those of other UCO outreaches and that God wants us to tackle those particular needs. We discussed two specific character traits essential for mission and crucial to implement strategy: diligence and discipline. Planning takes time and always starts with our own repentance, confession of sin, and baptism in the Holy Spirit which will lead us to obedience and to a better knowledge of Christ.

We were asked to think of some biblical figures, and try to see where they needed to show discipline. I particularly remembered Joseph's story in the Bible - a young man sold into slavery, to become later on, a high-ranked official in Egypt. Not only did he have a close relationship with God, but he dealt decisively with temptation and sin, constantly growing in discipline. He thought wisely, acted prudently, and most importantly, he lived morally a good life that is conformed to God’s will. Joseph’s story is a great example for us not to fall in the trap of boasting in ourselves by thinking we are self-disciplined. This virtue of discipline is truly a gift of the Holy Spirit, that would make us more humble. Once we give God more room to work in various areas of our lives, we realise it is Him who makes us grow in discipline. Taking this step is not always easy, it comes with its own challenges, but “God disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness.” Hebrews 12:10

During the weekend, I learned to seek after the Lord, not only for myself, but for those around me. Those two days helped me better understand our call and our mission as an outreach. We build community by bringing people to God and offering them a taste of the joy it is to know the Lord. When we approach them with a spirit of fellowship and service, we can invite them into life in the Holy Spirit; receiving baptism in the spirit and developing a relationship with God that will give new meaning to their lives. To a many of the people around us, we might be the only witnesses of God’s love in their lives. Let’s not miss a chance to bring them closer to Him!

Rita El Hachem

Koinonia - London

The Student Workers Outreach Training (SWOT) is a two-year training programme designed to equip local student outreach teams like Koinonia with the vision, skills and relationships needed to successfully build student outreaches.

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