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Local Update from Vienna: On a Journey Together

God is good. All the time! How great are his blessings for us. Let me share some of them with you, starting with the Vienna Mission Trip last August. Ten young people from Kairos affiliated outreaches around Europe came to serve us and along with us in Vienna. These ten days had a big impact on us as many could experience living in a household with brothers and sisters. We were inspired by the team’s readiness to serve in whatever task would be given to them and by their encouraging way of leading the trip together with some of us. The presence of this international team helped us to see more of the blessings and gifts which the Lord has given us in Vienna. One example: It was a milestone for growing in Christian unity when we prepared a worship night for Christians from different Christian groups and traditions during the Mission Trip.

Following up on these relationships is always a blessing. The Kairos Weekend in Leuven and SWOT local training in Vienna were two opportunities for us to spend time with brothers and sisters, grow in the relationship with the Lord and in understanding of his Kingdom.

Every time we see brothers and sisters from Kairos it helps us to understand who we are. We see that we are not alone in how we build God’s kingdom and we can also see that God has given us specific gifts for our local situation. During the last months we heard the Lord speaking more often and more clearly to us, probably because we have been striving to make more space for Him to speak. Two things we can already see is that He calls us to build and that He shows us the white fields ready for the harvest.

While we do our best to keep listening to God’s voice, we also do our best to work in the fields. Currently we are having a series called “Searching more?!” for our meetings on every other Tuesday. We are learning how to arrange meetings in a way that would help our friends or colleagues to engage with the living God, no matter which faith background they come from. We are on a journey together where we started asking big questions about purpose, love and being fulfilled, looking at how God has spoken and still speaks to people and turning towards the calling we have in Him. We are blessed with new people all the time and long to see men and women growing as disciples of Jesus.

Daniel Dunkl

Stilco - Vienna

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