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Legacy Europe Conference: This is my Tribe

This is my Tribe

The legacy conference brought together over 35 young professionals from around Europe including friends from across the continents who have been living in Europe.

Together as one, we sought the Lord, presented ourselves in service to Him and one another and left the weekend inspired, equipped and embolded for mission in our families, friendships and workplaces. Inspired by the wisdom of PM Graham, Andy Pettman, MT Jackson and John Coyle we unpacked how to be a witness in the workplace with integrity and confidence. We embarked on a journey of learning about apologetics, how to live well as a witness to Christ and how to step into new and strengthened gifts from the Lord.

I believe we all sensed the powerful movings of the Holy Spirit, uniting us as disciples across our local networks, inspiring and calling on one another for the glory of God. Shoulder to shoulder we encouraged and called one another on in the battle and the joy we live out on a daily basis. We are not alone in this. The entire weekend could be summed up in this sentence, spoken by one of our own at the weekend, "this is my tribe".

Laura Whinnery

Charis Community - Belfast


Answering the Call

This was the first Legacy Conference I went to but had heard great things about the first one last year. The initial thing that struck and inspired me was how the whole weekend was run by those of us who are working full time jobs. From the practical, set up, worship and other services it was people who out of their busy schedules decided there was a need for a place for YPO people and they answered that call. Throughout the weekend there was such a sense that this is the root of a great mission in our YPO areas and I came away so encouraged by others and by hearing how other YPOS were doing.

The scripture we were given at the beginning of the weekend was Matthew 7: 7-8 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”. This scripture propelled us into our time of worship together and the Lord answered. I saw the Lord work in us; freeing us, equipping us with gifts of the Holy Spirit and answering prayer. I really enjoyed building relationship with these people throughout a chilled weekend and I am very excited to see what’s to come.

Ellen Mahony

Community of Nazareth - Dublin


What is the Legacy Conference?

The Legacy Europe Conference is an annual conference for people who are at a stage of life beyond our University Outreach groups (UCO). It is based on the Legacy Conference that has run in the North American region for several years. We have many young people in Europe at this stage of life and Legacy provides an environment for them to continue to be formed by and hear from the Lord while also giving space for networking and socialising amongst like-minded peers.

The conference has run successfully the last two years looking at themes around mission and the Lord seems to be encouraging us to look at and move in that area in our own cities. This has coincided with some new YPO groups being started in our European region and the Legacy conference will hopefully continue to be a support for these local groups and the work that they are doing.

Kevin Coyle

Legacy Europe Conference Director

Community of the Risen Christ - Glasgow

Legacy Conference is hosted and organised by Community of the Risen Christ.

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