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4TW: God Already at Work

This August Kairos is helping lead the For The World (4TW) conference in Belfast. The conference will bring 17-25 year olds together from all over the European region, to be discipled and to worship God together.

Conferences like 4TW don’t just magically come together, something I am now very sure of being part of the Conference Planning Team!! It is very clear to me that God is already working through 4TW. Our team is made up of members from across the region, making meeting frequently impractical. However thanks to the wonders of technology we are able to have weekly Skype meetings to keep each other updated and tackle issues as they arise. We are blessed to have team members who have come to Kairos from different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience with organising events like 4TW. This means we can use our individual experiences to create a conference that can meet you where you are at in your relationship with God this summer.

God has also ensured that we all bring different skills to the team, be that numerical, organisational, pastoral, attention to detail or the ability to always see the bigger picture. All these skills are essential for running a fun, faith-filled conference and God has enabled each of us to have the time to serve him in this way.

Obviously no two conferences are the same but 4TW will be noticeably different to previous Kairos Conferences, as we will be joining with other Christian student groups on the Saturday of 4TW for our Commissioned day. In fact, Kairos is working in partnership with the Anglican, Methodist and Catholic Chaplaincies at Queen’s University Belfast for a truly inspiring day. Groups such as Ulster University Chaplaincy, YWAM and Exodus will also be involved and the support we are receiving from them is wonderful. Given Northern Ireland’s history of sectarianism, it isn’t hard to see how God is already working through the conference by furthering our call to ecumenism. Commissioned will be a celebration of unity and chance to engage with others living the Christian life.

4TW will be a time to re-focus on God and how he is working in your life and local outreach. It will inspire you to return home with enthusiasm and energy for mission in the forthcoming year and beyond.

We looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Katriona & the For the World Team

For the World Conference is hosted and organised by Servant Trust on behalf of Kairos-EME.

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