• Joanna Whittam - UCO Dublin

Kairos Weekend 2018: Kingdom Come

I had the opportunity to go to my first Kairos weekend and it was an amazing experience. The prayer times particularly come to my mind when I reflect on the weekend, as I feel that the Holy Spirit was present in ​​a very special way as we worshipped. It didn’t feel forced, it felt very powerful and exciting to be with a large group of other young people trying to know and praise God. The talks were inspiring and I think God really imparted his vision of unity and mission for our region. I’m very grateful for the chance to have gone.

John-Joe Jackson

UCO Glasgow

Coming together with Kairos this February re-convicted me to fight for God’s glory with all that I am. The teachings over the weekend reminded me personally of the solidity of decision that is needed for the Kingdom of God - that there’s no standing unsure in the middle of battle. I have to decide for one side or the other and commit to my choice. The weekend gave me mental space to think, pray and rededicate myself. I want this. I want God’s Kingdom. And I'll fight for it with community surrounding me and our King at the head.

Joanna Whittam