• Tadhg Lynch and Chris Lewerentz

Dalej: Looking Back - Tadhg Lynch & Chris Lewerentz

Dalej - Perseverance, Encouragement, Strength to Run the Race

by Tadhg Lynch, Belfast, Dalej Conference Director

18 months ago, a small group came to the southern town of Bielsko-Biała in Poland. We had a vision – to gather together as many young people from Kairos outreaches around the world as possible for a time of worship, seeking the Lord, training and fellowship in Poland.

Our team included representatives from the local Sword of the Spirit Community – Miasto na Gorze, as well as Kairos leaders from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and other places. Leaders from the local student groups in Bielsko-Biała and the city of Kraków expanded the team as the months progressed and the Conference began to take shape. As we prepared and prayed, two themes came consistently to mind; the need for further perseverant missionary effort in our work in the European and Middle East region, and a strong sense of needing to recognise the spiritual state of the church in our lands, to mourn for what had been lost and to offer ourselves as part of God’s plan for rebuilding. In prayer and consultation we came upon the words from Nehemiah 2:18 – where the people respond to the writer’s exhortation, “Dalej! Budujmy”, “Let us arise and build”. DALEJ was born…

Slowly, as we worked over the months, the vision and the Conference began to take shape. Leaders came on board from as far apart as the Philippines, Lebanon and Costa Rica. Payment plans, hiring tents, creating social media campaigns and international intercession campaigns for God’s action helped us to slowly refine our vision and gather the young people. By May 2016, we had 475 young people and leaders signed up to come to the DALEJ Conference – representing 40 nationalities they truly were a reflection of the “multitude” that God promises to unify for his kingdom.

For two wonderful weeks in Poland, these disparate nations were united into a people through God’s action. First there was “Prep7” – a time of spiritual and practical preparation for the 130 young leaders who would lead the participants in the Conference itself. For 7 days, we prayed and prepared. In seemingly no time at all, the main event – The DALEJ Conference – was upon us. Another 345 people came through our registration office. Hats, bags, t-shirts, bibles, tents, beds, food, water – everything that the nearly 500 people would need was ready. As we began in prayer, we asked that God would come and meet us, and he did.

The young people received teaching on the book of Nehemiah and the call of God upon his people to take their place and stand, build and fight for his kingdom in the world today. Each evening they sought the Lord in prayer –experiencing a great outpouring of his Holy Spirit each night. Indeed, staff from the Conference Centre and young people from the surrounding villages began to come to the meetings, receive prayer and experience healing at the worship times as word spread. As DALEJ wrapped up, a smaller group continued on to the Catholic World Youth Day in Krakow, finally completing t