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Koinonia Update 2016 - Pete Coyle

That the Lord has been working powerfully in Koinonia in the past six months we in Koinonia have no doubts, but it is always good to remember. After a summer of much change with several students graduating and several staff members moving on, we were blessed to have continuity in our core, with many students from last year still here. This has allowed us to do many things, most notably set up strong households for the men and women for the first time in over five years, with six members each. The Lord’s hand was very noticeable in acquiring these properties. These households are places of discipleship, fellowship and evangelism and have had a very positive impact on Koinonia this year.

Our committed students, known as Student Missionaries, have also stepped up to the tasks at hand, taking on service roles and responsibilities within Koinonia. Our student discipleship and maturity continues to grow. This has called the whole group onwards in our spiritual lives and has added considerably to our prayer times as well as to our social times. Having young men and women on fire for the Lord adds substantially to the environment and culture.

Koinonia also hosted a Life in the Spirit Seminar at the start of November. We had 27 students present, including several new people from the London School of Economics Christian Union. This was a Spirit-filled time where many people experienced the power of the Spirit either for the first time or in a new way.

We’ve also been able to participate in the SVLT programme, both in Northern Ireland in August and in Leuven, Belgium, in November, which have fired up our hearts and minds for outreach and provided the training to do so.

The Lord is calling us on. This next semester we hope to take ground in the area of evangelism in particular. He has been blessing us, protecting us and inspiring us and we hope for a greater unity with his will this semester which will reap a harvest for his kingdom.

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