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UCO Mission Manual

The UCO Manual contains a lot of what we Kaiors and it's partner groups have learned through the years about running a successful outreach. 

"This manual is divided into four sections: REACH, CALL, FORM, SEND. Each section has a definition and purpose, a vision, a set of principles that guide it, and our methodology (what we actually do). There are many ways in which to evangelise others. This manual is written to explain outreach to University age people – bringing the good news of Jesus within the context and patterns set around a University age group... Although situations differ, the broad application of the principles contained here has proven fruitful for the expansion of missionary work among students in many and varied situations. We believe that they have stood the test of time and borne fruit wherever consistently applied."

You can use the PayPal button below to purchase copies of the book and we will send them to you by post, free of charge. The cost is £5/book and the minimum order quantity is 4.


This is a limited time offer before the start of SWOT Conference 2020. The manuals will then become available at a higher price in the future.

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