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Introducing Dalej! Conference 2016: “Let Us Arise and Build”

Kairos is about “opportune moments” when God acts and we are invited to respond. Four years after Adelante, our last Kairos conference in Spain 2011, we are right in the middle of preparing another such moment, a space for God to act: 23-29 July 2016, the DALEJ Conference will gather 450 students and young adults together in Kicyzce, Poland, just before World Youth Day.

Echoing God’s call to Nehemiah, the theme of our conference is the call to “arise and build” (Neh 2:18). This conference is a call to persevere in hope as we live the gospel message. It is a call to reawaken and rebuild the church in the continent of its infancy. It is a call to unite with Christians from many backgrounds and traditions before and at the Catholic World Youth Day to witness to our fundamental unity in Christ.

We believe that God is calling us to renew and rebuild. DALEJ! Come join us… and start praying for this conference. This Christmas season, please pray:

  • For the 80 young men & women who have already committed to serving at Dalej as pastoral leaders, worship team, service team and many other roles

  • For wisdom, protection and grace for the Kairos team & our conference host community “City on a Hill” in Bielsko-Biała, Poland

  • For open hearts and hearing ears among students in Europe, Middle-East and around the world to hear God’s call to come together, to renew & rebuild…

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