Outreach resources

There are 4 main elements of our strategy. You will find resources specific to each of these elements. 

Check out the UCO Playbook to read more about each part of our outreach strategy:


The first step in our 4-part strategy is REACH.


REACH is defined as getting out on campus, meeting students and building intentional relationships for the sake of inviting them to know Jesus Christ.

To put it simply, the purpose of REACH is to meet students and build friendships.


Part two of our strategy is CALL.


We define CALL as inviting students we’ve been reaching to respond to the gospel by putting their faith in Jesus Christ and fully yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit.


The purpose of CALL is that many students will encounter the love of God, respond full-heartedly to the good news of Jesus Christ, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live the new life in Christ.


Part three of our strategy is FORM.

We define FORM as making disciples and teaching them a new way to live.


The purpose of FORM is to take the students we’ve reached and called

and train them to follow Jesus Christ and live as a mature disciple.


The final part of our strategy is SEND.


SEND starts on the campus and finds its fulfillment as students graduate.


We define SEND as graduating lifelong missionary disciples.


The purpose of SEND is to send UCO alumni into the world as ambassadors for Christ.



    Life in the Spirit Seminar

 Alpha Course

Formations 2 

Life in the Spirit Seminar

    Life in the Spirit Seminar

    Alpha Course

Life in the Spirit Seminar


Alpha Course 

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