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“There is much at stake.” This was one of the truths that was impressed on my heart once again as my family and I joined the Dalej crowds in 2016. So much to be given. So much to be won. What an inspiring bunch of people. And what a goldmine of talent. Personally, I feel truly honoured that God has seen it fit to weave his story for my life amongst the stories of these lives.


My passion is to see men and women hear and respond to the call of the master, “come follow me.” In truth there is nothing better than being caught up in the action of the living God.


Kairos is about putting young people to work in mission, whether that is a year of their lives or even more. At Dalej, many responded to this call to mission - and in the years to come we will see much fruit in our mission, outreach and Christian community building work because of the grace of God made present that year in Poland.


Paul Jordan

Kairos EME Director

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