“Continue to live your lives in Christ, rooted and built up in him”

Colossians 2:6-7 


YES is going digital!
We shall be connecting across Europe in our local groups


October 2020


The event costs £5, plus £11.80 for an optional t-shirt.


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YES is an opportunity for youth (ages 14-17) across Europe to encounter God and to build life-giving relationships with other young people.
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"Rooted in God, through Relationship with him, for the Redemption of the world."

Rooted in God

Who is God & Who am I?

To be successful in life, to weather all its storms, it is important to have strong roots - and in the right place! We were made for a relationship with God, a relationship that was tragically disrupted. How has our purpose been restored in Christ and what does that mean for us now?


How to be Rooted?

Roots take time and energy to grow. In order to be strong they must grow deep and have a firm grasp of the earth. What does the scripture mean when it says we are to be rooted and built up in Christ? And how can we begin to deepen and strengthen our roots in Him?


Why should we be rooted?

Once we know where to place our roots, when we have access to the source of nourishment and living water, then we shall grow strong and produce fruit! Through Christ we have the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us, equipping us to partner with God in his redeeming work. What might that look like in our day to day lives and what are some practical ways of getting stuck in?


If you have questions or need help please contact your local youth leader or: 
Phil Morrison
The YES Retreat 2020 is hosted and organised by Servant Trust on behalf of Kairos EME.

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