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30th August -2nd September



Who is the SWOT Conference for? 

The SWOT Conference is for students and missionaries involved in Kairos university outreaches across Europe. 

What is happening with the SWOT CONFERENCE?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision to run the SWOT ​Conderence 2020 as an online conference. While this is not an ideal solution, it will allow many of the positive impacts of SWOT to still be available and flourish, such as training, teaching, worship, relationships and building community. We have also shortened the conference by two days as a result of the new reality of running the event online.


- The event is now free! 

Dates and times:

- The main conference will run from the 31st August to the 2nd September (Monday to Wednesday).

- We will also have a prayer meeting on the evening of Sunday 30th August.
- The conference is scheduled to run from 9am-2.30pm (BST!) on Monday - Wednesday. 


- If you're interested in attending SWOT, please speak to your outreach leader.

Platform & Schedule

- We will be announcing details about the platform and schedule very shortly.


Universities in Europe need students and missionaries that are fully alive and ready to be sent out. This year's SWOT conference will be a time to be inspired, focused and prepared for the mission ahead. 


You'll be inspired by speakers, workshops, small groups and by coming together with students from across Europe. 


Time for your outreach to take a team huddle. It is time to plan, regroup and go out together with a unified focus. 



Receive powerful training that will equip you to step into outreach.  


More details to follow soon.


30 Aug - 2 Sept.  2020

Sunday - Wednesday

The event will start with a prayer meeting on Sunday evening and finish on Wednesday afternoon.


The event is free!


The deadline for signups is the 14th August.

Please speak to your local outreach leader before you register. 

What about Covid-19?

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved the conference online. More details are available below. If you wish to get in touch with us about this, please contact us at peter.coyle@kairos-eme.org

Which platform will SWOT be hosted on?

This will be announced very shortly.

When does
 SWOT begin and end?


SWOT will take place from the 30th August to the 2nd September.


It will start with a prayer meeting on the evening of Sunday 30th and run from 9:00am (BST) until 2.30pm (BST) on the other three days.

and prices?

Registration is free! 


You can register here and at other links on this page.

What about spaces?

Please speak to your outreach leader before registering. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with us at peter.coyle@kairos-eme.org

If you have any questions please contact: peter.coyle@kairos-eme.org
Some More SWOT Questions and Answers
Registration / Participants


Who decides who can come to SWOT from each outreach?

The outreach leaders should decide who comes from each outreach. If you’re interested in coming, please get in touch with your outreach leader.

What is the signup deadline?

14th August is the current deadline for all sign ups.

Content: What’s this SWOT about? What will I learn?

The SWOT Conference will focus on REACH- skill training, teams, relationships, prayer, vision for mission

The SWOT Conference is hosted and organised by Servant Trust on behalf of Kairos EME.

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Kairos Europe & the Middle East is an outreach of the Sword of the Spirit. Financial management is under European Outreach Trust, registered charity in England and Wales no. 278068.​