1-5 September 2019 

Universities in Europe need students and missionaries that are fully alive and ready to be sent out. This year's SWOT conference will be a time to be inspired, focused and prepared for the mission ahead. 


You'll be inspired by speakers, workshops, small groups and by coming together with students from across Europe. 


Time for outreach to take a team huddle. It is time to plan, regroup and go out together with a unified focus. 



Receive powerful training that will equip you to step into outreach.  

Who is the SWOT Conference for? 

The SWOT Conference is for students and missionaries involved in university outreaches across Europe. 


BCM Mullartown House
Newry, Northern Ireland 

Nearby Airports

Available airports include Belfast City, Belfast International and Dublin Airport. 


1-5 Sept.  2019

Sunday - Thursday


Bus will leave Belfast at approximately 14:00, so please make your way to Belfast for 13:30.

On the way back, the bus to Belfast leaves at 1000. Please book a flight leaving either Belfast Airport after 13:00, or if you're flying from Dublin, book a flight departing after 15:00.


Cost is £50 

Outreach Spaces

There are designated spaces for each outreach. Please ask your local outreach leader for more information 


Registration closes on July 31st

Please speak to your local outreach leader before you register. Each group only has a certain number of spaces so you must speak to your local group leader before registering!

If you have any questions please contact: peter.coyle@kairos-eme.org
Is there a commuter option?
When does
 SWOT begin and end?
Where is the Conference? 
What should
I bring?

A key part of the SWOT training is building relationships across outreaches. As this is essential to the training, there is no commuter option.


Transport will depart from Belfast at 14:00 on Sept 1st. Please arrive by 13:30. There are no public transport options available.


Transport will depart at 10:00am on September 5th for Belfast. If you are booking a return flight please book a Belfast Airport flight departing no earlier than 13:00 and a Dublin Airport flight departing no earlier than 15:00. 

The SWOT Conference is located in Newry, Northern Ireland at BCM Mullartown House. Public transport is not available to get to this venue so transport will be provided at the designated times.

- A towel

- A sleeping bag

- Your Bible

- Notebook/laptop

- Warm clothes – good coat, hat and scarf. The weather will vary and could be below 15 degrees Celsius

- Some pounds to spend. There is a town within 5 minutes walk from the Conference Centre which you may wish to visit during free time during the conference. during social times in the evening there will also be a donations based bar and snack counter.

Some More SWOT Questions and Answers
Registration / Participants


Who decides who can come to SWOT from each outreach?

The outreach leaders should decide who comes from each outreach. If you’re interested in coming, please get in touch with your outreach leader.

What if my outreach wants to bring more participants than our allocated spaces? Can we do that?

Yes you can. If this is the case, please talk to Mark Jordan or Pete Coyle before you book. The cost for extra participants is £119 and they will need to pay all of their own travel – it cannot be subsidized.

What if we cannot fill our allocated spaces?

Please let us know by 30th June as we will hopefully reallocate them to another outreach.

What is the signup deadline?

31st July is the deadline for all sign ups.

Who decides which track someone participates in?

There will be two different tracks running during the SWOT Conference. It is up to the outreach leaders to decide. Please make that decisions based on the description of the tracks

Do I need to come back in November?

The expectation that we have is that the participants for the September Conference will also attend the November weekend. If this is an issue, please contact us.

How much does the SWOT Conference cost?

The conference costs £50 per person for allocated space. Non-allocated spaces cost £119.

What about travel cost payments?

The EU funding we have received means that we can reimburse you money for your travel to the conference.

We strongly encourage you to book cheaper travel as we need the allocated money to keep other programme costs down. Travel costs will be covered for allocated spaces up to a set maximum.

Can I split the money for flights between more people?

We will transfer your group the bulk amount for your group’s total travel. It is up to you how you wish to allocate the money you receive. For example, if you have five subsidized allocated spaces and one non-allocated/non subsidized person who wishes to attend, you can split the money as you see fit.

Will I have any other costs?

We can also reimburse local travel e.g. train or bus ticket. Please keep your receipts (or a copy)for these as we cannot reimburse you without receipts.

What documentation/receipts do I need to submit?

Please keep all receipts or a copy of them. We will need them to reimburse you.

Who gets the money back - me or my outreach?

As mentioned previously, your outreach will receive the money. They will then reimbuse the money back to the participants (as they see fit).

Do I need to fly to Belfast?

No. You can fly to Belfast (International or City) or to Dublin Airport and we will pick you up via coach. Those coming from Dublin will need to get a bus to Newry and we will pick you up from there.

What time should we arrive?

The bus will leave Belfast Europa Bus Station at approximately 14:00, so please make your way to Belfast Europa for 13:30. If you’re coming from Dublin, please be at Newry Bus Station by 16:00.

How do we get to the venue?

We have booked a coach to go from Europa Bus Station (via Newry Bus station to pick up the Dublin crowd) to the venue.

What time can flight departure be from?

On the way back, the bus to Belfast leaves at 1000. Please book a flight leaving either Belfast Airport after 13:00, or if you're flying from Dublin, book a flight departing after 15:00.

Content: What’s this SWOT about? What will I learn?

The SWOT Conference will focus on REACH - skill training, teams, relationships, prayer, vision for mission

What’s the difference between the Mission staff track and the Student track?

- ‘Mission staff’ are people who have an overall leadership role for the outreach, may have allocated time to ‘work’ for the outreach and are typically a bit older.

- ‘Students’ are normally a bit younger and are leading one (normally smaller) aspect of the outreach.  The Conference is leadership training, our expectation is that everyone who attends has some leadership role for your local outreach.

The SWOT Conference is hosted and organised by Servant Trust on behalf of Kairos EME.

©Kairos Europe and the Middle East



Kairos Europe & the Middle East is an outreach of the Sword of the Spirit. Financial management is under European Outreach Trust, registered charity in England and Wales no. 278068.​