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what is gap

elements of gap

The GAP mission team is made up of men and women ages 18- 22 from around the world who have decided to give a year to serve God and to grow as disciples. 

A GAP year is a special time and it requires a special response. The year will be a time of radical growth. It is a year set apart for the Lord, not only to serve Him and His people but also to allow Him to transform you.

There are four key elements in the GAP programme.  






GAP is an opportunity to develop a strong personal relationship with God and to build a foundation of faith and understanding of who God is and how we can follow as His disciples.

Some of the ways we work on this include: 

- Personal Prayer

- Scripture Study

- Monthly Reading

- Teaching

- Retreats 

God meets us when we step out in faith. GAP is chance to meet Him. 

GAP Mission Training helps equip each gapper to grow in discipleship and to have the tools and training to serve. 


Gappers also take part in SWOT, a series of training conferences run by Kairos. SWOT trains men and women to be missionary disciples. 

GAP is a year given to mission and service. Service helps us to grow in character and in faith. It helps us to rely on the Lord and to learn about His plan for mission.


Each gapper serves in a variety of capacities.

Some of these include: youthwork, student outreach, serving the homeless, running alpha courses, serving families in community and taking part in the mission of the local community. 

GAP is a call lived out in a inter-generational community of disciples on mission. It is an opportunity to grow in relationship, support, accountability, brotherhood and sister with men and women across generations.

Living in community is a chance to become part of another family, to serve alongside other men and women who seek to follow the Lord and to help us understand God's plan of community for His people.

Application process

The GAP Application process begins with filling out the initial questionnaire. From there the GAP staff will send you the application process. Begin your application by filling out the initial questionnaire today! 

Fill out initial 



Application becomes 



 application and  reference forms


Application deadline




letters issued

Interested in GAP? Please click on the button below to answer some simple questions and find out more about GAP.

The GAP Programme is currently organised and hosted by the Community of Nazareth on behalf of Kairos EME.

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